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We give genuine advice to our client how much should invest in technology such that they can use proper technology for proper application.

Ready to Serve

How to controll the manufacturing process such that we can save loss of Gold. Manufacturing process is very lenghthy and if the manufacturers doesn't take care they have big loss in cost of production.


We directly connected to end user such that we can take proper feedback and can develop tham by giving best solution.

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SICO Industries

SICO Industries is Home Production based company started in the year 1976 in Rajkot, Gujarat. SICO Industries is most reputed firm in jewellery machine manufacturing. We are not just machine manufacturer but we provide best solutions by customizing machining machines as per requirements of our customers.

We did tremendous work in making machinaries, we faced many challenges and so that we are now enough capable to serve best customized work.

We are not just limited to making machinaries, but we also provide Jewellery Workshop setup anywhere.

Professional Design

At SICO Industries you will have complete solution, we focus on customer's satisfaction by providing best services.

Unique Features

We do R & D in Low Power consumption products deal with Customers(End User) directly having the departments from Fabrication to Testing online after sales service develop customize machineries as required by clients.

Complete Solution 100%
Customized Machinery 90%
Demo & Training 85%
Customer Satisfaction 95%

Our functions

Jewellery Casting Machine

Hall Marking Set-Up

Gold & Silver Melting Furance Set-Up

Gold Refine Process


Quality Service

Why SICO ?

Goldsmith (Manufacturer or Trader)
Human Resources
SICO provides customized technology required by customer.
SICO provides special training for precise work in manufacturing of gold ornaments.